Collectable figurines;
not designed or
intended for play by
children under 14.

New Line Cinema’s The Lord of the Rings™ is an epic
film trilogy about the struggle between the forces of dark and light in the world of Middle-earth. Now its extraordinary cast of characters is available in a collection that captures the diversity and spectacle of the movie series. We give you a sneak preview here – full details are included
with Part One.

Each instalment contains a unique Collector’s Model, created to be accurate in
every detail of costume, weaponry and likeness, plus a 12-page guide profiling the featured figure.

Each issue of The Lord of the      Rings™ Collector’s Models 
             contains a scale
                  model, plus a
                  12-page illustrated                   guide. Each hand-
      painted model is an exact replica of a Lord of the Rings™ character as portrayed in New Line Cinema’s epic trilogy.

Every Collector’s Model in this series is created in perfect scale in relation to the others, which reflects the authenticity of the collection, and provides an opportunity to compare and contrast your favourite heroes as they would truly match up to each other.

ach 12 page guide contains information about the
collector’s model, a profile of the character, a section of the Middle-earth map, and a look
at the location that inspired the model. The guide is illustrated throughout with exclusive
movie images.

The scale is 1:29 which means that every 29 cm of the original character is represented as 1 cm (10 mm).

Models range in size from
42mm to 69mm